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collation / сопоставление, сравнение, сличение
имя существительное
matching, juxtaposition, collation, confrontation, contrast
comparison, compare, simile, matching, collation, similitude
collation, confrontation
имя существительное
the action of collating something.
data management and collation
a light, informal meal.
They are eaten with pates or cold collations , their gently acidic snap making a most pleasant counterpoint to the fatty meat.
a cold collation
Tom Treasure is responsible to the society for the collection and collation of these data and has a mandate from the society's annual general meeting of its members to disseminate information based on the data.
As a consequence, the important benefits of collation and comparison of data from different sources are lost.
The Keter benefited from a larger staff of human proofreaders and the additional assistance of computer collation which was able to detect many errors that even the very conscientious human team had failed to ferret out.
Ms Hall said no collation of school data would ever show how many students did not drop out of school, become pregnant or commit suicide because of the intervention and advice of a teacher in a crisis period.
lunch was a collation of salami, olives, and rye bread
To amuse themselves on their first day, the captives held a tilting match in the gardens, and following that they attended a ballet and a collation .
His remarks also suggest that he innocently viewed intelligence analysis as largely a matter of collation ; the facts would speak for themselves, if only they could only be gathered in one place.
Through a process of collation and distillation we incorporated the questions into 10 projects to create an evaluation framework.
data management and collation