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collarbone / ключица
имя существительное
collarbone, clavicle
имя существительное
either of the pair of bones joining the breastbone to the shoulder blades.
It's not practical to cast ribs and collarbones (clavicles).
The finished tattoo will cover the area from the collarbone to the elbows, all the back and torso, down to the ankles.
A specialist in Frankfurt has prepared a shoulder brace for Stoner to wear to protect his collarbone .
Clark was knocked out and had his jaw broken and his collarbone broken 10 minutes into the game.
He let his hand trail down my neck to my collarbone , and then continued down my bare shoulder and down my arm.
The second woman had dislocated her collarbone from her sternum, which rapidly began to swell.
He suffered broken vertebrae in his neck and broke his collarbone and six ribs.
Since her diagnosis she broke her collarbone , her wrist and her back in a riding accident.
My shoulders were going to be avoiding shrugs until my collarbone had recovered.
Colin had muscle damage to his back, while Erin fractured her collarbone and a finger.
The accident left him with limited movement on his right side and he suffered a broken rib cage and collarbone and collapsed lungs.