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collar / воротник, ошейник, воротничок
имя существительное
collar, neck, ruff, tucker
collar, dog-collar
collar, neckband, dickey, dicky
надевать хомут
схватить за ворот
схватить за шиворот
collar, seize by the scruff of the neck
имя существительное
a restraining or connecting band, ring, or pipe in machinery.
Diversion collars placed around the pipes, just below the sand surface, can be retrofitted if this begins to happen.
a piece of meat rolled up and tied.
the part of a plant where the stem joins the roots.
For the measurements, stem was severed above the collar region and the roots sealed in the pressure chamber.
put a collar on.
biologists who were collaring polar bears
seize, grasp, or apprehend (someone).
police collared the culprit
The clamp was located 10 cm from the collar , in most cases in the upper part of the third internode.
a shire horse leaning into its collar
Dogs should always wear a collar with identification tags.
She appreciatively fingered the delicate lace collar and black velvet trim.
Probably the smaller angle deflections in second and third-level joints were due to the presence of collar tissues.
A Silver eagle broach is pinned to her cloth coat, a Hermes scarf splashes pink and black across the collar .
Nervously he tried to straighten his crumpled lab coat and shirt collar .
a shirt collar
When last week I heard Morris would be in London for a few days I decided to collar her.
Her response was a nod of her head as she began towards the spot, taking a seat and clipping a leash to the collar of the pup before placing her once again upon the ground.