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collapse / крах, коллапс, обвал
имя существительное
collapse, crash, ruin, down, wreckage, wreck
collapse, landslide, avalanche, failure, landfall, landslip
collapse, crumple, go, ruin, wreck
fall apart, collapse, fall to pieces, sprawl, lounge, go to pieces
collapse, tumble, come down, fall to the ground
имя существительное
an instance of a structure falling down or in.
the collapse of a railroad bridge
(of a structure) fall down or in; give way.
the roof collapsed on top of me
(of a person) fall down and become unconscious, typically through illness or injury.
he collapsed from loss of blood
(of an institution or undertaking) fail suddenly and completely.
in the face of such resolve his opposition finally collapsed
fold or be folded to fit into a small space.
some cots collapse down to fit into a bag
For members of AI, the debate is triggered by distress at the suffering in states torn apart by armed conict or by the collapse of governmental structures.
the collapse of the Ottoman Empire
Painting over the rust conceals, but does not postpone, the inevitable collapse of a rotten structure.
some cots collapse down to fit into a holdall
he suffered a collapse from overwork
Institutions are rejecting warnings that house prices could collapse because low interest rates are likely to be held far into next year.
During his attacks Schumann too feared that he would take his own life or suffer a complete mental collapse .
This additional loading and damage were sufficient to induce the collapse of both structures.
When the New Rome falls, its collapse may come from within.
it feels as if the slightest pressure would collapse it