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collaboration / сотрудничество, совместная работа, предательское сотрудничество
имя существительное
cooperation, collaboration, partnership, contribution
совместная работа
предательское сотрудничество
имя существительное
the action of working with someone to produce or create something.
he wrote on art and architecture in collaboration with John Betjeman
traitorous cooperation with an enemy.
he faces charges of collaboration
It exposes the wartime collaboration between the Vatican and the fascists.
That student reported this threat to a teacher who began an investigation in collaboration with the administration.
Trials for war crimes, collaboration , and genocide continued in several countries for many years after the war.
his recent opera was a collaboration with Lessing
In English, ‘quisling’ has since come to denote collaboration with the enemy.
AS's work will be put on show as part of an exhibition of work made by psychiatric patients in collaboration with professional artists.
The project is a collaboration between established film makers and young people with no experience in film.
Once licensed, the new drug would be rushed into production in collaboration with a major pharmaceutical company.
Research in collaboration with Peugeot has developed propulsion units rather like hamsters running inside a drum.
Working in collaboration with Swayam, young Kolkatans are lending their voices to the growing protest.