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collaborate / сотрудничать, сотрудничать с врагом, предательски сотрудничать
cooperate, collaborate, contribute
сотрудничать с врагом
предательски сотрудничать
work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something.
he collaborated with a distinguished painter on the designs
Why should a ruler obsessed with maintaining his power collaborate with some of his most dangerous enemies?
Hungary chose cooperation and appointed a government to collaborate with Hitler.
However, it is wrong to portray the women as innocent pawns, absolved of the responsibility of having collaborated with the forces of racism.
However, despite its limitations the Council of Europe became involved in many cultural, economic, and scientific activities, and collaborates with various other international organizations including the EU.
I once collaborated with Whalley on a book about the Eden Project and can vouch for his attention to detail.
For that project, they collaborated with Parker and members of her lab.
Fourteen of the region's agencies have collaborated to help develop projects.
He has collaborated with the Brazilian Landless Peasants Movement and with Bolivian resistance to a money-swindling dam.
Finally, dietitians also saw their role as collaborating with physical activity professionals.
It also claimed that only a handful of traitors had collaborated with the Nazis.