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coliseum / Колизей
имя существительное
Coliseum, Colosseum
имя существительное
a large theater or stadium.
the Charlotte Coliseum
‘I wanted to get people's attention and fill up the coliseum ,’ said Juan Mamani, 46, the president of the Titans and a wrestler himself.
With neon-lit mock Chinese fishing villages, a Romanesque coliseum and a man-made volcano spewing artificial lava, Macau believes it would, like Las Vegas, draw people from across the continent to spin the wheel of fortune.
That, however, does not mean this spanking, new state-of-the-art coliseum will be empty all that time. There may be a concert or some other athletic event booked in there while we're around.
Then you go to America when they advertise fairly big, and you can go a coliseum, they'll hire a coliseum , and you'll have 80,000 people.
The actors will also begin by standing at the bar, and the audience can move about to watch from all angles, recalling the theatre-in-the-round sightlines of a coliseum .
A century ago, the Brunswick Street oval was a suburban colosseum .
With its grid-pattern streets, one of France's best preserved colosseums , an amphitheatre and underground crypts much of this town has escaped the influence of the 20th century.
The architecture is stunning - the library, designed by Moshe Safdie, is modelled on a Roman colosseum .
The colosseum opened in A.D.80 and hosted 100 spectacles a year. 50,000 available seats were divided into social classes.
Each of these is further divided by levels that cover multiple sub-areas, spanning diverse locations such as gladiatorial coliseums and temple ruins.