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coldly / холодно, неприветливо, с холодком
coldly, chilly, icily, frigidly, frostily, drily
coldly, frostily, stand-offishly
с холодком
without affection or warmth of feeling; unemotionally.
Derek looked at her coldly
But a play that seemed mildly provocative on a first viewing now looks as coldly manipulative as its heroine.
Governments make calculations all the time, quite coldly and quite clinically.
The woman stares coldly at my mum as if she were crazy to even ask such a thing.
Martin was sharpening up now; paying attention to every inflexion in that coldly condescending voice.
a coldly contemptuous tone
This is no coldly efficient war machine, but an army of civilians.
The reception was coldly polite and I put the phone down thinking the message had arrived but no-one was home to hear it.
They said hi back, but coldly and with a smile that seemed unfriendly and strange.
The stadium lights glare down coldly as you inhale a deep breath of cold, crisp air.
I am talking about people who coldly kill people in a calculating fashion.