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col / седло, седловина
имя существительное
saddle, col, pigskin
saddle, col, saddleback
имя существительное
the lowest point of a ridge or saddle between two peaks, typically affording a pass from one side of a mountain range to another.
For the next few days we based ourselves at the hut as we made forays up the valley, wading through deep fresh snow to explore some of the cols , ridges and side valleys.
Continuing steadily upwards now, the route leads to a small col which overlooks the dark and brooding Loch Enoch, complete with its reflections of Mullwharchar which rises beyond.
It then continues below the N face of the hill before finally climbing to a col on the summit ridge.
Through brief windows in the clouds we could see the ridge dropping to a col and rising again to two higher summits.
We cut down into a rocky col and started up the second peak.
From the col , the ridge climbs and then levels out again into a tight area of mossy grass before it steepens appreciably into its final fling.
Head NE from the summit cairn to pick up the bulldozed track called Morton's Way and follow this along the NE ridge and down to a col below the Hill of Glenroads.
Over the wall, the path gently falls to a col with the rock face of Side Pike ahead.
Return to the col and walk along to centre peak: a steady nerve is required to reach the summit.
Beyond the scree we turned the side of the saddle and there, ahead of us, in a col surrounded by the white flanks of the Kedarnath peaks, stood the temple, one of the most sacred structures in India.
Take an ascending NE line round the S slopes of Firthhope Rig to the col between it and White Coomb.