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coke / кокс, кокаин, кока-кола
имя существительное
coke, chark
cocaine, coke, snow
coca-cola, coke
имя прилагательное
coke, coking
имя существительное
a solid fuel made by heating coal in the absence of air so that the volatile components are driven off.
The production of charcoal by heating wood in the absence of air and of coke by heating coal in the absence of air were both well known to ancient peoples.
convert (coal) into coke.
We used to use charcoal, but then we learned how to run coal through coking ovens.
In the case of making iron in a blast furnace, the carbon is added as coke , which is converted into carbon monoxide - the actual reducing agent.
In most cases, one ton of coal will produce 0.7 ton of coke in this process.
The road was built more than 100 years ago to bring coke made from the coal mined in Crested Butte to the Smelters in Aspen.
As the money flows like water and the increasingly erratic Mirtha, a coke addict, makes things tough at home, the FBI begins to close in on poor George.
Instead, they're checking to see who had access to the coke .
He offers me some of the coke , I shake my head nonchalantly.
As his hand contacted her face, she ‘decided’ she no longer wanted the coke , and that she would fight her many addictions.
Although he's done a good deal of work over a coal forge, today Ridge uses a gas furnace to reduce the damage to his lungs regular exposure to burning coke and coal can cause.
The blowout was caused by increasing trade deficits in April, May and June and mainly due to falling exports of coal, coke , briquettes and metals.
The coke is oxidized to carbon dioxide, which changes to carbon monoxide at high temperatures.