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coincide / совпадать, совпасть, соответствовать
coincide, match, fit, concur, tally, dovetail
correspond, match, meet, fit, conform, coincide
occur at or during the same time.
publication is timed to coincide with a major exhibition
She said there continued to be under representation of women in the sector and the college hoped the event, to coincide with National Construction Week, would help challenge perceptions.
The public events planned to coincide with the tour in Sligo are launched on the morning of July 28 including The Archives Resource Box at Sligo Town Library.
There are fourteen bus routes which coincide in Enfield's key shopping street, they carry 74,000 passengers every weekday.
Several other events are planned to coincide with Edmonton's 100th birthday later this year.
The aiming and treatment beams may not coincide in space and this problem may be accentuated after the beams pass through a lens.
And I've seen in many countries terrorists and resistance groups try to set up events to coincide with various high points in the calendar.
As the New York Times pointed out, there was palpable relief that the event would not coincide with the Republican convention in the city, something that would have allowed the party to use it as a backdrop.
Students at the University of Victoria organised events last October to coincide with National Coming Out Week.
the members of the College coincide in this opinion
the two long-distance walks briefly coincide here