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coinage / чеканка монет, чеканка монеты, монетная система
имя существительное
чеканка монет
coinage, mintage
чеканка монеты
монетная система
имя существительное
coins collectively.
the volume of coinage in circulation
the invention of a new word or phrase.
His learned coinage of the phrase fides levata - a convincing but altogether fictional Latin term - would contribute to the overwhelming success of Panofsky's account.
Always the playful neologist (pertussion is his coinage from the technical term for whooping cough, pertussis), Wallace has lately become a professor of literature.
The conspirators were supported by the French, and even though the raid on the Exchequer failed, considerable quantities of forged coinage were smuggled into England and put into circulation to disrupt the financial system.
Market places have existed since that time, and coinage has been in circulation among urban people for 2500 years.
Coinage in both England and Francia was used as a means of affirming royal authority, though the volume of production of early medieval coinage is still in question.
This was a complicated procedure because there were so many separate political entities, from city-states to empires, each having its own coinage with different weights and different contents of precious metal.
Its platform called for the free coinage of silver and plenty of paper money.
Commercial development had encouraged the localized minting of silver in the Irish Sea region from the late tenth century, but the circulation of Hiberno-Norse coinage was restricted to eastern Ireland and other coastal parts.
Louis's coinage may not have influenced the architects of the Euro whose notes and coins began to circulate in January 2002, but this was still a remarkable achievement by this unappreciated Carolingian emperor.
Apart from providing the UK's coinage, Royal Mint also produces some of the world's finest coins and provides coinage for more than 100 countries.
the controller of the coinage of tin