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coin / монета, монетка, деньги
имя существительное
coin, piece, piece of money, shiner, ducat, bean
money, cash, currency, dollars, coin, dough
mint, coin, emboss, stamp, strike, caulk
knock out, beat, beat out, punch out, emboss, coin
имя существительное
a flat, typically round piece of metal with an official stamp, used as money.
As he was speaking he drew from his pocket a gold coin , a twenty-krone piece, and placed it on the table at which I sat.
make (coins) by stamping metal.
Since the one who has money sets the rules, it is no wonder that the man who coins money is wealthy.
invent or devise (a new word or phrase).
he coined the term “desktop publishing.”
During the Tang dynasty, for example, the ordinary people traded with low-value copper coin instead.
The term was originally coined by StorageTek to describe the process of moving data from online to in-line to near-line to archive, and back again.
A spokeswoman said one person was arrested on suspicion of throwing a coin at a match official and another was arrested on suspicion of hurling a bottle.
The New York Times has coined a new word - gastronauts - in reference to people who plan their vacations around food.
He's played Rick James and Prince, been coining popular catchphrases all season long and has regular folks discussing his show every day.
He even referred to a light bulb joke - but in fact, if I look back, I find that the joke he probably meant to tell involves tigers and was coined by a Japanese wood manufacturer.
Before it can be counted the next job will be to clean and separate the cash, as some of the metals have corroded and coins have stuck together.
Six tortured years had been spent fighting before Faremund had finally gained the amount of coin necessary to live a life of relative comfort.
I don't collect anything now but I used to collect coins and stamps.
Tip O'Neill, the legendary Speaker of the US House of Representatives, is credited with coining the expression ‘All politics is local’.