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coil / катушка, змеевик, виток
имя существительное
coil, bobbin, reel, spool, sheave
coil, serpentine, worm-pipe, coil-pipe
turn, coil, loop, convolution, wind, spire
ring, annulus, circle, collar, race, coil
turmoil, bustle, ado, flurry, clutter, coil
wriggle, squirm, coil, meander, serpentine, wiggle
свертывать спиралью
reel up, wind, coil, reel, wind up, quill
свертываться кольцом
укладывать в бухту
имя существительное
a length of something wound or arranged in a spiral or sequence of rings.
a coil of rope
a confusion or turmoil.
But the biggest loser from our decision to cling gamely to the mortal coil is the National Health Service.
arrange or wind (something long and flexible) in a joined sequence of concentric circles or rings.
he began to coil up the heavy ropes
It relied on the principle of electromagnetic induction, and consisted of an insulated coil of copper wire connected to a large electrical capacitance.
He insisted on wearing both items all day and so I had to help him fasten the coil of whip to his belt loop because he couldn't figure out how to make it stay.
Girls would not be allowed to coil up their hair with hairpins unless they were married, if she did so her husband and parents-in-law would look down upon her because she hadn't followed the rules for women's behavior.
He released the coil of hair so it sprang into a curl.
The packs will include two condoms, a coil , lip balm, hand warmers, information on safe sex and emergency phone numbers.
Levitan had a heavy coil of climbing rope strapped to his green pack.
he began to coil up the heavy ropes
It is best not to use the coil for contraception after PID has been diagnosed.
I was angry because, using a coil , I had made every effort to prevent a pregnancy.
Like other coils, the Mirena coil is also a contraceptive.