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cohesion / сплоченность, сцепление, связь
имя существительное
cohesion, unity, solidarity, front
clutch, adhesion, coupling, linkage, cohesion, adherence
relations, bonds, binding, communication, connection, cohesion
имя существительное
the action or fact of forming a united whole.
the work at present lacks cohesion
We should start from the premise that there is a need for all members of our global village to work towards harmony, cohesion and a peaceful world.
Other observers say the premier isn't to blame for the lack of cohesion in the cabinet.
The contest saw both sides lacking in cohesion and direction.
Religion is often seen as providing cohesion to societies and lies at the root of our law, institutions and values.
the work at present lacks cohesion
It matters not whether government acts in the common good out of compassion or out of a pragmatic desire to aid social cohesion or other motives.
This critically contributes to the economy and social cohesion of the country.
The advantage of the nation-state is its relative sense of voluntary cohesion and hence stability.
Social cohesion is important to their stability and progress.
They lacked cohesion and, for the most part, played as 15 individuals rather than a single unit.