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cohabit / сожительствовать
cohabit, shack, sleep, make
live together and have a sexual relationship without being married.
The person was cohabiting with the mother of the child in a relationship of some permanence at the time of the birth of the child.
Next you should consider the size of your house: do you have ample space for the new dog to cohabit with the owners and any existing pets?
animals that can cohabit with humans thrive
By understanding their needs, you can peacefully cohabit with black bears to their benefit and yours.
I like to think of poetry as something which is able to cohabit with other discourses, if it can establish the right to stand beside them.
animals that can cohabit with humans thrive
I have no desire to cohabit with a hound, however high-bred.
This film seems intended to suggest that he preferred to cohabit with animals rather than American citizens during the Vietnam War.
Darker body color is typically seen in the losers of fights at their conclusion and will also characterize that animal if it remains to cohabit with the winner as a social subordinate.
Due to flaws in the structural design of our Constitution, however, a popularly elected president is forced to cohabit with a legislature in which the opposition is the majority party.
When the English eventually took control from the Dutch in 1664, all continued to cohabit quite nicely together.