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cogwheel / зубчатое колесо, шестеренка
имя существительное
зубчатое колесо
gear, cogwheel, gearwheel, rackwheel, screw-wheel
This shaft also carries the main cogwheel which engages with a rack between the running rails on the section where the steepness of the gradient calls for its use.
The big cogwheel rotated exactly once every Roman mile, and at this point a small stone - a calculus - dropped into a box.
Positive marital interactions function similar to a gear system in which a cogwheel transmits its movement smoothly to another cogwheel .
They drove a jackshaft, which took the power through gearing to the cogwheel , which engaged in the usual way with the rack rail.
It consisted of a replica cogwheel with wire rope and was intended to symbolise the technology used in operating the sluices.
I found the first relatively sharp instrument I could lay my hands on - a metal cogwheel from my Meccano set, and got to work.
These are not going to be films with a strong social message about our capitalist society, of which the film industry is an important cogwheel , both financially and ideologically.
This is the film where Chaplin gets sucked into the bowels of a machine, tightening screws as he get squeezed through a series of cogwheels .
Nearby stood the remains of her two-cylinder steam engine and brass condenser - lengths of copper pipe, bronze valves, hollow masts and cogwheels littering the seabed.
Atoms, they contended, could never function as integral parts of cogwheels , gears or motors.