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cognize / познавать, обращать внимание, замечать
обращать внимание
pay attention, notice, heed, point out, note, cognize
notice, note, observe, remark, detect, cognize
perceive, know, or become aware of.
what the novel cognizes, discerns, knows
we cognize the system of mentally represented rules from which the facts follow
Materialists understand that ‘we cognize an objective world that is independent of us.’
Philo differentiated between the existence of God, which could be demonstrated, and the nature of God which humans are not able to cognize .
It will also identify and cognize the categories, regularities and principles of warfare in interconnection with the general knowledge about the war.
At the same time, we also have the ability to know, to cognize , which is also something natural and unmade.
After all, one of art's purposes is to cognize the world.
He quickly cognized the need for an external structure with which to manage and nurture a growing congregation.
The hollow of the bell symbolizes the wisdom cognizing emptiness.
Art is one of the means at our disposal for cognizing reality.
In fact, one way to tell a young soul from an old soul is to observe how quickly he cognizes his error and learns not to repeat the same mistake.