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cognizance / узнавание, знание, подсудность
имя существительное
recognition, cognizance
knowledge, knowing, science, cognition, cognizance
jurisdiction, cognizance, suability, jeopardy, amenability
имя существительное
knowledge, awareness, or notice.
he was deputed to bring the affair to the cognizance of the board
a distinctive device or mark, especially an emblem or badge formerly worn by retainers of a noble house.
I think it was at that point, having grown in wisdom and stature and favor with God and men, he had full cognizance of his deity and his mission.
the Renaissance cognizance of Greece was limited
Strictly speaking, there is no gene for a sucking reflex, let alone for female coyness or Scottish thriftiness or cognizance of the concept of zero.
he was deputed to bring the affair to the cognizance of the board
Does a military man take into cognizance the fact that it's a day of prayer and we should lighten up?
The settled opinion here is, that religion is essentially distinct from civil government, and exempt from its cognizance ; that a connection between them is injurious to both.
They generally preclude access to the sort of material that might permit a sense of psychic cognizance as well as an awareness of the expression of subliminal stimulation.
All the time, distant sirens that would normally be blocked out of cognizance made heads turn and ears prick up.
As you get older, it gets shakier to assume cognizance on points of popular culture, but there are some things that people just should know.
The famous statement ‘unity of empty cognizance suffused with awareness’ refers to your own nature, the essence of your mind.