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cognitive / познавательный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
of or relating to cognition.
Wittgenstein sometimes appears to be committed to cognitive relativism as just described.
The cognitive mechanisms in his brain had ground to a halt, as had everything else.
There is a long list of behavioural anomalies and paradoxes uncovered by cognitive researchers.
The best treatment for phobia is a psychological treatment called cognitive behavioural therapy.
Some studies suggest that tamoxifen interferes with brain metabolism and cognitive function.
No, my standards were caused by cognitive distortions, brought about by serious mental illness.
Few people like to think that their higher cognitive processes are under genetic control.
Kant distinguished between the matter and the form of cognitive experience.
It seems that the higher cognitive emotions cannot avoid being double-edged swords.
In fact, words are often chosen as much for their emotive as their cognitive force.
When I learned about cognitive theory it was a challenge to me to think that I did possess skewed attitudes.