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cognition / познание, знание, познавательная способность
имя существительное
knowledge, knowing, science, cognition, cognizance
познавательная способность
имя существительное
the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses.
By metacognition I mean knowledge about cognition itself and control of one's own cognitive processes.
Forging a closer relationship between the education process and the process of cognition is key to creative thinking.
Many biologists have begun posing and testing hypotheses concerning animal experience and cognition .
Theories of social cognition delineate how people process information in interpersonal interactions.
The model is also consistent with the growing recognition of nonrational and nonconscious processes in cognition .
He was deaf and dumb, and not surprisingly the Court's statement dwelt on matters of cognition and understanding.
The prefrontal lobe is known to be involved in pragmatic language processes and complex social cognition .
In itself the a priori has nothing whatever to do with thinking and cognition .
There is a unity between the logical and historical methods, which means that any process of logical cognition has a history of its own.
To say that cognition is embodied means that it arises from bodily interactions with the world.
Collectively, the papers make a significant contribution to our understanding of science and cognition .