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coercive / принудительный, коэрцитивный
имя прилагательное
forced, mandatory, coercive, compulsory, positive, forcible
имя прилагательное
relating to or using force or threats.
coercive measures
We object only when planners promote coercive schemes and claim they offer benefits they do not.
The threat of force is sometimes a necessary component of coercive diplomacy.
He is the leading advocate of the superiority of voluntary or spontaneous forces over coercive ones.
This is a movie with a distinct and startling cinematic language, but with uncomfortably coercive mannerisms.
For coercive diplomacy to succeed, the demands made of the targeted government need to be precise, limited and deliverable.
Most people believe that children should be spared from coercive power dynamics.
Thus, values and norms were imposed through coercive instruments rather than consensus.
The inescapable evils of coercive behavior are not unique to government.
Thus, a monarch with absolute power must take coercive control over an otherwise savage society either by mutual consent or by force.
It seems to often assume that power is coercive only if exercised by the State.