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coed / студентка
имя существительное
co-ed, quail
имя прилагательное
(of an institution or system) co-educational.
We picked out coed teams and played football etc.
имя существительное
a female student at a co-educational institution.
The film follows a group of college coeds who decide to take a wild trip during spring break over to a Halloween-style rave on a dark and desolate island.
If women want to meet men, they should join a bike club or play coed soccer.
The coach was the person who reasoned her into playing soccer for the coed team.
I've even met some parents who provide the alcohol at their kids' parties or permit coed sleepovers.
She believed coed schools were best for everyone.
Religious schools are also widespread, and during the last two decades they have started to open to coed education.
Choose from women-only or coed classes, each with a maximum 8-1 student-teacher ratio.
Upstairs in the same club there is a coed bathroom.
If we're talking about boys and girls - and most children do go to coed schools - then let's talk about ways to equalize the experience.
Today we are a coed school of 550 with enlarged faculty and administration.
We were crammed into a coed warehouse that housed more than 300 people.