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codswallop / чепуха, бред собачий
имя существительное
nonsense, stuff, crap, applesauce, malarkey, codswallop
бред собачий
codswallop, hog-wash
имя существительное
Is it a spiritually enriching pursuit or load of old codswallop ?
Unfortunately, the book itself is regarded by genuine historians as codswallop .
But even our ‘modernising’ government now seems to be succumbing to this anachronistic codswallop .
How's that for a load of guilty conscience-fuelled, hypocritical codswallop ?
If I'm right, that claim will be the purest codswallop .
As for his scaremongering about forced repatriation, what a load of codswallop .
It might be codswallop , but I was in bad need of positive omens.
Once elected, we will ban lies, spin, sound bites, codswallop , and twaddle from all areas of government and the civil service.
Life is difficult enough for them without having to cope with all this codswallop as well.
This unspeakable piece of codswallop pretty much sums up the worst of New York journalism for me.
What a load of unadulterated, self serving codswallop !