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codify / кодифицировать, шифровать, приводить в систему
codify, code
encrypt, cipher, encode, codify, code, cypher
приводить в систему
methodize, codify, digest
составлять кодекс
arrange (laws or rules) into a systematic code.
He even wanted to codify the common law, overstating, like all good reformers, the possible objectives of reform.
The workload component does little more than codify existing practices in most schools and will simply perpetuate current conditions.
this would codify existing intergovernmental cooperation on drugs
Verdi helped codify an international operatic culture
The point is that when we codify the common law we seek to bring consistency.
These provisions fully support the view that certain articles of the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea codify customary law.
This group met regularly with the brief to codify existing court and character dances.
A material witness statute was enacted in 1984 in a bipartisanship effort to codify common law in this area.
Then, having identified the distinguishing features, the book proceeded to codify them into rules for achieving literary elegance.
The need to codify nearly all possible behavior into a charter looks a lot like micro-management at the political level.
Aristotle considered all aspects of legal discourse, attempting to codify the rules for making a persuasive legal argument.