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codex / кодекс, старинная рукопись, сборник старинных рукописей
имя существительное
code, codex, corpus, lawbook
старинная рукопись
сборник старинных рукописей
имя существительное
an ancient manuscript text in book form.
The novelist incorrectly refers to the Nag Hammadi documents as scrolls; they are actually codices .
One example is this twelfth-century illumination from another Greek codex of the book of Job.
Nahuatl terms written in alphabetical characters accompany the multitude of indigenous persons, places, and things listed and depicted in the codex .
The original codex permitted digestible chunks of text to be presented on physical pages, but the electronic text is in essence pageless.
The later development of the codex (roughly corresponding to our present book format) made for greater ease of reference and portability.
This codex and similar specifications helped in identifying environmentally friendly as well as harmful chemicals.
The Vatican codex , however, is of an altogether different genre.
The modern book descends from the codex , not the scroll, and it inherits and develops the advantages of the form.
Like a medieval codex , the book seems laced with charms and spells, to seduce the innocent and repel the hostile.
Whether codex or manuscript, they were here to love real books and real words.
Through the Vatican codex the text sets up an expectation that is then fulfilled in the images.