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coddle / нянчиться, баловать, кутать
coddle, wet-nurse
indulge, pamper, spoil, pet, coddle, cosset
coddle, muffle
имя существительное
sissy, mollycoddle, coddle, cissy, tenderling, pantywaist
darling, pet, coddle, cosset
treat in an indulgent or overprotective way.
I was coddled and cosseted
cook (an egg) in water below the boiling point.
If you don't know how to coddle an egg, here's how: Poke a hole in the bottom with a pin.
I'm not convinced we should coddle people who, by the time they reach the postdoc level, are so insecure they won't even apply for the jobs they actually want.
If you don't know how to coddle an egg, here's how: Poke a hole in the bottom with a pin.
I want to baby you, and coddle you, and spoil you for the rest of my life.
He does not spoon-feed or coddle his audience; he does not always explain all the minute particulars of every event he discusses.
Some may think of us as a nanny state, given the way we coddle our citizens with free health care and equality provisions.
We do not need to coddle our old people, just ensure them enough income to live adequately.
In the long-term we do them no favors by allowing them to coddle our mutual enemies.
The early missions coddle the player closely, and provide a comfortable introduction to the game's features.
Being the baby of the family he was coddled and treated like glass, as if he would break.
Your article omits this information, and implies with a high level of certainty that such treatment never happened, and that she was essentially coddled .