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coconut / кокос, плод кокосовой пальмы, башка
имя существительное
coconut, coco, cocoanut, cokernut
плод кокосовой пальмы
chump, noggin, pate, twopenny, noddle, coconut
имя прилагательное
coconut, cocoanut
имя существительное
the large, oval, brown seed of a tropical palm, consisting of a hard shell lined with edible white flesh and containing a clear liquid. It grows inside a woody husk, surrounded by fiber.
Handicrafts made of screw pine, banana fibre, palm leaf fibre, coconut husk, bamboo and white wood are among other things on display.
the tall palm tree that yields the coconut, which grows mainly by coastal beaches and has become naturalized throughout the tropics. Many tropical economies are dependent upon its products, which include copra and coir.
Can you tell me how to grow a coconut palm tree from the fruit?
These layers surround the hard dark-brown shell, encasing the coconut seed.
I also had the Lamingtons for dessert, sponge cake squares dipped in chocolate and covered in coconut and served with cream.
Also, the dried husk of the coconut is sometimes used as a brush to put a glimmering shine on wooden or ceramic floors.
There's a cornucopia of cakery in here: cheesecake, coconut cake, and - above all else - Jamaican Ginger Cake.
The fruit of the coconut tree includes the buoyant husk surrounding the coconut , which helps the seeds float downstream and spread the tree's offspring far and wide.
Let us show you a few of the ways we use coconut for food in Jamaica.
In a mixing bowl add the flour, sugar, coconut , honey and juice.
Coir is the outside layer of husk that surrounds the shell of the coconut .
When I finally reached the first step, I threw the coconut down hard.
Save room for the warm chocolate pudding with coconut panda ice cream.