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coco / кокос, кокосовая пальма, башка
имя существительное
coconut, coco, cocoanut, cokernut
кокосовая пальма
coconut tree, coco, cocoa, cocopalm
chump, noggin, pate, twopenny, noddle, coco
имя существительное
coco matting
the root of the taro.
I reached in the box for my small tub of coco butter and vanilla pod cream.
Desserts are also funky, featuring items like Jamaican mousse, a fluffy mixture of chocolate and rum and something called coco quemado, a coconut milk pudding.
The collection is crafted from plantation hardwoods and accentuated with exotic materials such as coconut shell inlay, solid teak and coco wood.
An official said that coco gel and coconut-water concentrate are being bottled and promoted in a big way as an alternative to colas.
For the black section, he used black woodchip coco beads with rhinestones to catch the light and contrast against the black.
The towering coco colada is mixed with icy bits and chunks of fruits.
The Caribbean's colour intensity has not abated; however, the once lofty coco palms have been beaten at their own game by the heights of hotels and condominium blocks.
Some seed heads, like those of the coco palm, are extremely heavy, so don't let them fall on anyone's head.
coco matting
coco palm