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cocky / дерзкий, нахальный, самоуверенный
имя прилагательное
daring, cocky, bold, audacious, insolent, cheeky
impudent, cheeky, sassy, brash, cocky, impertinent
assertive, confident, opinionated, cocky, perky, presumptuous
имя прилагательное
conceited or arrogant, especially in a bold or impudent way.
He was confident but not cocky and very likable, in a puppy dog sort of way.
For me they are too brash, too cocky , too shallow and too plentiful.
It was amazing how vital and witty and energetic and downright cocky he was.
He is justifiably proud of his work all these years later, but he never comes off as cocky or arrogant.
They are confident after a record run of nine successive wins, yet not cocky because they know the ultimate test has still to be set.
A lot of people are very cocky and brash in this industry and there were quite a few walking around before the exam as if they'd already passed.
He is a confident lad, cocky like most of those who can turn their hand to genius, but nonetheless likeable for it.
He was confident but not cocky and very likable, in a puppy dog sort of way.
While the actor is confident and cocky , he also has a kind of sheepishness that stops him being just another action star.
A mainstay of the Celtic team, he expects his absence to weaken their midfield but is not getting too cocky .
I am very confident but I wouldn't say I was cocky or anything like that.