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cocktail / коктейль, лошадь с подрезанным хвостом, скаковая полукровка
имя существительное
лошадь с подрезанным хвостом
скаковая полукровка
имя существительное
an alcoholic drink consisting of a spirit or several spirits mixed with other ingredients, such as fruit juice, lemonade, or cream.
cocktail parties
a dish consisting of small pieces of seafood or fruits, typically served cold at the beginning of a meal as an hors d'oeuvre.
a shrimp cocktail
a prawn cocktail
He became concerned about the cocktail of eight drugs his wife was prescribed to combat depression and anxiety because he felt they were harming her.
Starters included home-made salmon fish cakes, shami kebabs and pickle and fresh prawn cocktail and avocado with tuna marie rose.
Rugby, lads, pub, Saturday… the result of this dangerous cocktail is not hard to imagine.
She spluttered chaotically - her head racing as she was overcome by a volatile cocktail of heat and cold.
financial pressure plus isolation can be a deadly cocktail for some people
Now it has been renovated to include a restaurant, lounge bar, cocktail bar and beer garden.
First love, new experiences and no parental control must be a dangerous cocktail .
He obviously had no concept about what each ingredient in the cocktail brought to the drink.
A tempting array of starters ranged from melon, garlic bread and prawn cocktail through to pasta dishes which could have been a main course in themselves.