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cocksure / самоуверенный, вполне уверенный, неизбежный
имя прилагательное
assertive, confident, opinionated, cocky, perky, cocksure
вполне уверенный
inevitable, unavoidable, inescapable, necessary, ineluctable, cocksure
имя прилагательное
presumptuously or arrogantly confident.
I was stripped of a confidence that could have almost been described as arrogant - certainly cocksure - I don't think I liked myself at all in high school.
I don't think the guys will go in with any cocksure attitude on Sunday, even against the minor counties.
His competition with the since-departed major was supportive and good-natured, a sign of maturity from an otherwise cocksure prodigy.
He is capable, confident, and cocksure , and perhaps most importantly, seemingly content with his chosen profession and lifestyle.
His cocksure attitude and swaggering womanizing make him ripe for a smack in the face.
The 12 songs here reveal a band that's cocksure but never cocky, moody but never melodramatic and musically adept.
He is also immature, vain, haughtily cocksure in his perception of the world and ripe for certain lessons, both emotional and intellectual.
He is too cocksure of himself - it is one of his weak spots as a politician.
He's so arrogant, so cocksure … he eyed me up in the foyer as if I was just a slab of meat.
The person praying becomes at once small and humble, which helps him to deal better with his helpless condition much more effectively than his arrogant and cocksure attitude does.
He had hated the Marines' cocksure arrogance, all the more infuriating because it was so clearly justified.