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cockpit / кокпит, кубрик, кабина летчика
имя существительное
cockpit, orlop, orlop deck, cock
кабина летчика
имя существительное
a compartment for the pilot and sometimes also the crew in an aircraft or spacecraft.
Today, the Air Force involuntarily removes young pilots from the cockpits of manned aircraft for 36 months to ‘fly’ unmanned aerial vehicles.
a place where a battle or other conflict takes place.
the cockpit of capitalist conflict in Europe
One of the museum's main attractions is the cockpit of a Sabre aircraft.
The car looked faultless over that distance, but what was it like in the cockpit ?
Boats stored ashore are especially prone to having pooling water on the deck and cockpit , which can stain the boat.
While on the boat try to stay in the cockpit or on the deck - going below deck will certainly cause at least slight nausea.
The camera would be positioned in the passenger compartment and its image viewed by pilots in the cockpit on an LCD.
That's when someone opened the escape hatch on top of the aircraft in the cockpit , he said.
Take this region, the cockpit of so much of world conflict today, as an example.
In an airplane cockpit , pilots and crew have precise standard checks to protect the lives on-board.
This time, we broke a fuel line and fuel got inside the cockpit with me.
She was kneeling in the boat's compact cockpit watching carefully ahead for any telltale clues on the water that dangerous rocks lay just out of sight below the surface.