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cockney / кокни, горожанин
имя существительное
citizen, townsman, urbanite, burgher, bourgeois, cockney
имя прилагательное
свойственный кокни
имя прилагательное
of or characteristic of cockneys or their dialect or accent.
cockney humor
имя существительное
a native of East London, traditionally one born within hearing of Bow Bells.
A cockney by birth, he signed for United as a trainee in 1991.
Before leaving for his meeting, the older one leans in close and mutters in his cockney accent a warning for the younger to be on the alert.
They also act according to the stereotypes promoted by the bourgeoisie of the time, including talking in comic-book cockney .
As the series begins, Max bumps into a young cockney woman, an overworked but underpaid media researcher with a degree in communications.
He has a quavering, affected English accent, which the actor perhaps imagines to be that of a cheeky cockney .
But that's only phase one of her plan - she's also planning to learn how to speak proper cockney .
I've got London blood so I haven't struggled with the cockney accent.
The two young East Enders looked and sounded for all the world like a couple of skinhead soccer fans, cockney accents and all.
Even a born-and-bred cockney could understand the published, mongrel Scots-English version.
The woman's husband spoke with a cockney accent.
Granddad was the son of a cockney who settled in Canada in the 19th century and set up a bakery.