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cockeyed / косоглазый, дурацкий, косой
имя прилагательное
squint, cockeyed, squint-eyed, cross-eyed, skew-eyed, wall-eyed
stupid, foolish, idiotic, fatuous, cockeyed, cockscomb
oblique, skew, slanting, bias, sidelong, cockeyed
имя прилагательное
crooked or askew; not level.
cockeyed camera angles
He lacks customary deference to party elders (and to the media's own cockeyed definition of reality).
There is a cedar wreath with dried flowers leaning at a cockeyed angle against the cross.
Just call me a cockeyed optimist.
Her ponytail is cockeyed , and it makes her head look off, swollen slightly over her ear.
I would have thought that suburbanites would be the very last to indulge in such a cockeyed fanciful endeavour.
His usual cockeyed grin betrays the fact that he's being honorably discharged for coming out to his commanding officer.
They are just a bunch of cockeyed optimists, those stock analysts.
At this juncture, even a cockeyed optimist has difficulty seeing much hope.
I'm so afraid that he'll forget me, that it wasn't real, and that this will become just another nail in the coffin of my cockeyed optimism.
His original proposition - cut taxes regressively, double military spending, shrink government and balance the federal budget - looked cockeyed from the start.