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cockade / кокарда
имя существительное
cockade, badge, ensign, scrambled eggs
имя существительное
a rosette or knot of ribbons worn in a hat as a badge of office or party, or as part of a livery.
Although the external decoration varied from garland to garland, similarities did exist consisting of ‘printed paper rosettes, cockades , and silk hangings’.
For the head they wear a straw hat, wide brim and a cockade on the left side.
This helmet plaque, with the remains of a tricolour cockade and an imperial eagle upon it, must be that of someone who fought at Borodino.
They were staunch Jacobites, and even after Culloden they continued to bear arms and wear the white cockade .
This was often adorned with a cockade and gold lace.
I greeted him, pinning a cheery red, white and blue cockade to his hat.
In his bonnet the champion sports a cockade neither of Jacobite white nor of Hanoverian black.
the cap bore the traditional cockade in silver, blue, and red
After many noisy toasts had been drunk, and none to the nation, the national cockade was said to have been trampled as the air rang with unpatriotic slogans.
This shows the troops, wearing their cockaded hats and carrying banners decorated with cockerels swarming into the Piazza del Popolo.
He argues that participation in political institutions (from voting to wearing cockades and singing republican hymns) led to a sense of empowerment among villagers.