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cobweb / паутина, ловушка, легкая прозрачная ткань
имя существительное
web, cobweb, spiderweb, net, tissue, spider's web
trap, snare, hook, pitfall, catch, cobweb
легкая прозрачная ткань
плести паутину
web, cobweb
muddle, muss, bumble, ball up, muddle up, cobweb
имя существительное
a spider's web, especially when old and covered with dust.
Sure enough, there it was, nestled in a corner along with a cluster of dusty cobwebs and long deceased spiders.
the city fans south in a cobweb of canals
If allowed to stand, a pellicle or cobweb may form, indicating the presence of fibrinogen.
There is a cobweb hanging from a long strand of grass by the dusty dirt road that leads us to our destination.
Fake cobwebs and real pumpkins were everywhere.
He spotted silky cobwebs and hanging skeletons placed around the old wooden walls.
I looked into the blue sky with cobwebby white clouds and no wind; it was so peaceful.
It seems to flaunt a certain tatty extravagance, like worn plush furnishings in a cobwebby drawing room.
I strip away cobwebs of fascia obscuring the anatomical structures.
At this time of year you have them almost to yourself, and the grey winter light somehow suits the stone cobwebs of broken arches and stranded pinnacles.
They crouched in the cobwebby corner behind a pile of boxes.