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cobblestone / булыжник
имя существительное
cobblestone, cobble, rock, rubble, pebble, paving stone
имя существительное
a small, round stone of a kind formerly used to cover road surfaces.
It's the place to go if you like your cityscape to be a mix of Colonial-era cobblestones and even older trees.
One police officer sustained a blow to the head from a large cobblestone .
In the yellow light the cobblestones gleam and the air is damp and yeasty.
The walls shone with rainwater trailing through the grime and the ground was thick with mud between the uneven cobblestones .
It's either twilight or pre-dawn, with cobblestones and architecture hinting at a European setting.
The going was tough indeed, I slammed on the anchors, skidded on the cobblestones and nearly went into the back of a horse box.
He never complained, except when he occasionally slipped on muddy cobblestones .
Nevertheless, before I knew what I was doing, I was scrambling down the ladder and running over the cobblestones of the road.
Hundreds of feet clopped against the cobblestones of the road, adding the gentle clip-clop to the swelling voices.
Angry householders have claimed the historic look of their community is being ruined by the removal of cobblestones .
They are set in an open plaza of cobblestones and pine trees.