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cobbler / сапожник, башмачник, кобблер
имя существительное
shoemaker, cobbler, bootmaker, tinker
shoemaker, cobbler
имя прилагательное
плохой мастер
имя существительное
a person who mends shoes as a job.
He also worked as a master cobbler , mending shoes.
an iced drink made with wine or sherry, sugar, and lemon.
a fruit pie with a rich crust on top.
For dessert, we ordered a peach and huckleberry cobbler with vanilla gelato and four spoons.
The bushes produce enough berries for a cobbler or a crumble, but not enough for jam.
sherry cobbler
The food is often some concoction of lamb, frequently accompanied by rice, sweet potatoes, warm bread, and finished with a desert such as plumb cobbler with cream.
Born to a family of shoemakers, he received little formal education and, on the death of his mother, was apprenticed to another cobbler when he was just ten years old.
Whence our merriment came to a full and complete stop, we settled down around a freshly baked apple cobbler .
He'd go to a cobbler and say ‘I want my shoes just so’ and that's how they got their gear.
She only knew that the pointed shoes the cobbler made for everyone else hurt her feet.
Each small community would have had its local cobbler who produced shoes to fit each individual customer uniquely.
A cobbler may make shoes, and then sell them to acquire the money to buy food and clothes.
A delicious dinner of ham, fried potatoes, hot corn bread, fresh butter, wild bee honey, and huckleberry cobbler is served.