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cobalt / кобальт, кобальтовая синяя краска
имя существительное
кобальтовая синяя краска
The softly tailored look is also very much in this season with glowing colours such as cobalt and rich greens coupled with subtly shaded creams and browns.
Not only were his eyes lacking their normal cobalt hue and his pupils disturbingly restricted but now his eyes were blood shot as well.
Besides gold and diamonds, the area is rich in copper, uranium, palladium and cobalt , as well as coltan ore.
The slow growth rate is thought to enhance the absorption of heavy metals like copper and cobalt from sea water.
The purple on his surcoat made his striking cobalt eyes seem deep violet.
It was February with cobalt skies, snappy air, and a fresh blanket of snow.
He lifted up his cobalt eyes to his friend for only a split second and then glanced back down.
His stormy cobalt eyes glanced down at her and he sighed again.
We are already exporting gold and we have substantial resources of silver, uranium, nickel and cobalt , the deposits of which need further investigation.
This packing arrangement is also observed for many metals, including rubidium, osmium, cobalt , zinc, and cadmium.