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cob / коб, глыба, удар
имя существительное
lump, block, clump, cob, clod, mammock
hit, impact, blow, strike, shock, cob
дробить руду вручную
beat, hit, strike, pound, smash, cob
throw, cast, drop, quit, toss, cob
имя существительное
the central, cylindrical, woody part of the corn ear to which the grains, or kernels, are attached.
Place the corncobs in a large saucepan and cover with cold water.
a hazelnut or filbert, especially one of a large variety.
At this time of the year fresh juicy walnuts and cobnuts are available.
a powerfully built, short-legged horse.
He just untied the pack mule from its tie to the back of the cob 's saddle and led him along the cobblestone path.
a male swan.
The male swan, or cob was unable to free itself for three days after a fishing hook became embedded in its leg and the fishing line got wrapped around it.
a roundish lump of coal.
close of business.
you have until COB today to show us why you should not be disconnected
cob and thatch cottages
My wife and our Labrador were attacked by a cob today, and although no physical harm was done they were both terrified.
The traditional habitat of the Alsatian lowland consists of houses constructed with walls in half-timbering and cob and roofing in flat tiles.
Founders of urban ecovillage projects must usually forego any dreams of straw bale or cob structures, because building codes often are rigidly enforced.
There are ducks and cranes, and every few miles a cob and pen circle as only swans can in their own territory.
The founding member of the organisation said a male cob was mowed down as it crossed the road.
In sharp contrast with the bare simplicity of the cob cottage is a sitting room furnished in the fashion of a 1905 home of a well-to-do family.
cob and thatch cottages
Builders of straw bale, adobe, cob and other types of natural homes use earthen plasters for interior and exterior walls, usually applying the plaster in two or three layers.
The cob cottage was reconstructed in the simple style of the Christchurch pioneer houses.