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coastwise / вдоль побережья
вдоль побережья
имя прилагательное
coasting, coastwise
имя прилагательное
along, following, or connected with the coast.
a small coastwise steamer
The fishes of this age were able enough coastwise swimmers.
These were put in brackish water near Martinez, from which point they began a coastwise migration.
In the ensuing discussion Russia indicated further that he intended to move the Fleet coastwise to Sevastopol.
Additional sailing flats were brought on to the river, wharfage was leased, and during the remaining months of 1827 some traffic that normally went by canal was sent coastwise .
Its commerce, both overseas and coastwise , surpassed all other American ports.
Firebricks from Buckley were the biggest single commodity carried coastwise from Chester to Liverpool, but they were shipped from downstream wharves, not from Chester city itself.
Another reason for the relative decline in barley sent coastwise was the emergence of Berwick and several other towns in the borders as centres of the brewing industry.
The 1934 strike produced a single, coastwise agreement, in which dockworkers from San Diego to Seattle act as one.
An attempt to engage in the coastwise trade came to an end with the confiscation of his boat by the Brazilian authorities on the score that his papers were not in order.
San Pedro Bay, the terminus for two major coastwise shipping lanes, is full of commercial and military traffic day and night.