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coastline / береговая линия
имя существительное
береговая линия
coastline, shoreline, coast, sea line, strand
имя существительное
the outline of a coast, especially with regard to its shape and appearance.
the hotel has wonderful views of the rugged coastline
However, as with the rest of the world, things are changing fast on this idyllic coastline .
In fact, not even a week had passed since another surfer had been eaten on exactly the same piece of coastline .
The town stretched along the coastline , most of it out of sight behind hills that rose up either side of the plain.
It would be a huge boost to the already booming tourist industry along the county coastline .
Seals, porpoises and sometimes even Minke whales also visit this coastline .
Yorkshire pride is at stake in a new competition to find the nation's favourite stretch of coastline .
the western coastline of Ireland
Its thick, gummy oil has blackened hundreds of miles of coastline in Spain.
the hotel has wonderful views of the rugged coastline
Deposits have been discovered on a number of stretches of coastline over the past couple of weeks.