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coastguard / береговая охрана, морская пограничная служба
имя существительное
береговая охрана
coastguard, coastal command
морская пограничная служба
имя существительное
a branch of the US armed forces, under the Department of Transportation since 1967, responsible for the enforcement of maritime law and for the protection of life and property at sea. In time of war, or at the direction of the president, the Coast Guard serves as part of the US Navy.
The Marine Corps and Coast Guard have joined with the Navy to form the United Services Military Apprenticeship Program.
Two men said to have a ‘history of hijacking’ were arrested when the coastguard boarded a cruise ship 20 miles off Miami.
He called police who launched a full-scale rescue operation involving the coastguard , fire brigade, local boats and a jet ski.
a coastguard station
Then they got in touch with the coastguard and even the police turned up!
When I went up to the coastguard station I found out they were starting a search.
Constructed in 1874, it was used as a coastguard station until 1922 and was subsequently occupied by the Gardai until ten years ago.
A Lancashire police helicopter and the coastguard began a search at about 2.30 am.
the speedy response of the coastguard
If a distress flare is inadvertently set off, please let the emergency services know by informing the coastguard and so avoiding an unnecessary lifeboat launch.
Local police have been alerted and the coastguard rescue team are at the shoreside.