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coast-to-coast / от побережья к побережью
побережья до побережья
имя прилагательное
all the way across an island or continent.
retail stores from coast to coast
And a coast-to-coast advertising campaign along the whole length of the motorway from Liverpool to Hull will warn motorists to stay away.
a coast-to-coast journey
Plus, dozens of reporters will be out coast-to-coast bringing you any new developments throughout the night.
Its artisan breads are distributed coast-to-coast through restaurants, supermarkets and gourmet food stores.
The coast-to-coast operation works with almost no budget and has thrived on word-of-mouth since its inception.
The company also plans to complete a coast-to-coast link that will put a coffee-shop in every state.
It was a non-talent show, in which a parade of no-hopers would be given a taste of exposure on coast-to-coast TV.
The petition, with the signatures of 45,000 Canadians from 35 communities coast-to-coast , was presented in the House of Commons last Wednesday.
She urged everyone to continue to support activities planned, including sponsored London Marathon runs, coast-to-coast bike rides and parachute jumps.
Now that the album is complete, the band is finalizing plans for their coast-to-coast tour, beginning in British Columbia and ending with stops in Newfoundland and Labrador.