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coarse-grained / крупнозернистый, неотесанный, грубый
имя прилагательное
hard-grained, coarse-grained
uncouth, rustic, unhewn, rough, loutish, coarse-grained
rude, rough, gross, coarse, crude, coarse-grained
имя прилагательное
coarse in texture or grain.
a coarse-grained flour
Thick sheet sandstone units containing upright trees represent the product of single large-scale flood events that deposited coarse-grained sediment across the proximal interchannel region, locally burying vegetation.
Since it was produced for television, Scenes from a Marriage was shot on 16 mm, and the DVD transfer has the coarse-grained look inherent in the small film stock.
It's very finely-layered and very coarse-grained rock and really doesn't look like anything we've seen at the site before.
In our case, the reaction of interest is simply the unimolecular folding/unfolding of the coarse-grained protein molecules in their finite-concentration solution environment.
The percentage of coarse-grained materials in the soil affects the strength and compressibility of the wall.
However, there is a general correlation between grain size and terrace height in medium- and coarse-grained sediments.
The lower part of the section consists of cross-bedded, fine to medium sandstone, with scattered coarse-to very coarse-grained particles.
Generally coarse-grained soils compact more readily than fine grained ones and hence the finer the particles the less maximum thickness of layer to be compacted.
One learns to look along the perimeters of fossil woodpiles, where the sediments still demonstrate the appropriate coarse-grained textures.
The coarse-grained , bivalve-rich floatstone layers intercalated with the ‘background’ slope facies are interpreted as storm deposits.