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coarse / грубый, крупный, грубошерстный
имя прилагательное
rude, rough, gross, coarse, crude, tough
large, major, big, coarse, massive, heavy
raw, rough, undressed, unmanufactured, crude, coarse
rough, scabrous, uneven, coarse, rugged, harsh
имя прилагательное
rough or loose in texture or grain.
a coarse woolen cloth
(of a person or their speech) rude, crude, or vulgar.
You are never coarse or vulgar, and people who display such traits offend you.
Sprinkle the coarse salt over a sheet pan and arrange the clams on top.
In this type of sediment, relatively coarse sand grains are mixed with silt and clay.
This created peer pressure and the cultivation of rough manners, coarse language and status symbols like the body tattoos.
If the surface is slick, such as ceramic tile, sand it with coarse sandpaper.
He sees a woman much like himself, a coarse merchant's daughter who guffaws loudly at a dirty joke.
Beneath these lies a floor of coarse granite sand and broken shell.
At a microscopic scale, at the surface of the deposit, coarse particles roll on a deposit of fine particles as a result of particle segregation.
Everyone always wants to touch the cloth because it looks so rough and coarse , but I can assure you, there is nothing so comfortable for the climate!
Water used for domestic purposes can be easily recycled by passing it through layers of charcoal and coarse sand.
He was a rather tall boy with a head full of coarse black hair.