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coalesce / объединяться, соединяться, срастаться
unite, combine, come together, join, consolidate, coalesce
unite, connect, join, incorporate, couple, coalesce
grow together, coalesce, accrete, knit, inosculate, anchylose
come together and form one mass or whole.
the puddles had coalesced into shallow streams
I shall try and coalesce my thoughts into something readable as soon as I can think of something.
The left needs to coalesce its resources around direct legal action against the right.
He stops for a moment, maybe trying to coalesce his thoughts, then tries again.
to help coalesce the community, they established an office
There were different elements, of course; but somehow these individual elements seemed to coalesce into one whole.
Simply put, they coalesce disparate dance movements into a tasty pop-dance package - feel free to enjoy.
‘This is a big opportunity to coalesce many different functions that currently exist and get to a high standard of training across the board,’ said Jones.
I don't know how to coalesce my observations into a coherent picture.
Immediately popular, it helped to coalesce people around the movement.
his idea served to coalesce all that happened into one connected whole