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coal-fired / угле
имя прилагательное
heated, driven, or produced by the burning of coal.
a coal-fired power station
After a decade of breathing the poisonous effluent of a coal-fired power plant in a Beijing suburb, residents had finally had enough.
What really makes it stand out though, along with the delicious food they serve, is the giant coal-fired brick oven in the dining area.
But the energy industry welcomed them, saying they were essential for maintaining coal-fired power stations.
Coal inventories already are at historic lows, with coal-fired generation outpacing coal production.
Should additional capacity be created, it would have to be through natural gas or coal-fired generating plants.
Workers who had the technical know-how to make coal-fired burners have long since retired, so the company has had to dust off its old designs and marry them with the latest technology.
New power plants will always have to conform to the province's environmental standards, but even the cleanest burning coal-fired plant is a polluter.
A key part of the plan is to build no new coal-fired power stations and to retire existing ones as they reach their use-by dates.
The kitchen, with its table and coal-fired range was the main family room.
Around the country, according to industry analysts, 68 new coal-fired power plants are in various stages of planning.