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coach / тренер, автобус, карета
имя существительное
coach, trainer, handler
bus, coach, autobus, omnibus, charabanc, motorbus
coach, brougham
train, coach, exercise, drill, discipline, educate
train, coach
инструктировать пилота
имя существительное
a horse-drawn carriage, especially a closed one.
It was a wonderful sight to see because many of the guests arrived in horse-drawn coaches and carriages.
a railroad car.
Two of the added displays that the museum will now have room to exhibit are velvet cushion chairs from an early railroad coach and a large rail cutting saw.
a bus, especially one that is comfortably equipped and used for longer journeys.
I think the only time I've ever been to Birmingham was on an evening coach journey for a school theatre trip, probably twenty years ago.
an athletic instructor or trainer.
He said his executive used trained coaches and referees to educate sports teachers in schools as a way of broadening participation in youth programmes.
travel by coach.
they coached to Claude's dwelling
train or instruct (a team or player).
he has coached the Edmeston Panthers for six years
in economy class accommodations in an aircraft or train.
flying coach
a transatlantic flight in coach isn't the most pleasant experience
Margaret Thatcher covered her status as a woman when she trained with a voice coach to lower the timbre of her voice.
Occasionally a big coach drawn by four horses would come up the drive and pass around by me, this made me very happy.
Another member of the congregation is believed to have been on the coach trip.
There are fewer bookings from coach tour operators, particularly from the US.
He offered us a seat in coach with a refund of our sleeping car fee, but we were not interested in that.
he moved on to coach the England team
Oh, and some foolish coach driver forgot 46 passengers on the Terminal yesterday.
A range of instrumentalists plus one of the finest international jazz singers, Tina May, will coach students in jazz and big band playing.
The new ruling has infuriated coach drivers, who now have nowhere to park.